Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sarah & tristan say i do

I'm hoping to post some of the professional pictures from Sarah's wedding, but I had a few good ones on my camera that I wanted to share. They show some of the "behind the scenes" action better anyway :)
"Ta Da!"
Our hairdresser thought this was the look to go with, but luckily we talked her into doing a little more :)
Isn't she beautiful?!
I'll try not to say that too many times in this post
Love the braid detail

Our sister, Hannah, did Sarah's makeup (Hannah's a pro!)
Sarah's dress was beautiful, but not as beautiful as she is (awwww, sniff sniff)
Sarah ordered roses and freesia wholesale and then let me arrange them for her boquet.

I just love how simple and stunning the two flowers are together!

of course, lace and ribbon detail was a must :)

I also got to "bejewel" Sarah's shoes based on an etsy inspiration pic she found
(I'll do another post on the shoe bejeweling process in the near future)

Mom and I getting Sarah into her dress
We had trouble with the last button, but I made sure to omit all the pictures of mom and I sticking out our tongues... apparently that's what we do when we concentrate... thanks for that, mom :)

Sarah, you are stunning. period.
Me, Sarah & Mom
(dingy basement lighting, boo)

Dad walking Sarah down the aisle - isn't this a sweet picture?!

First married kiss
Oww Oww !!!

Reception centerpieces

Sarah made a bunch of these balls for decorating the pews and reception using a punch to cut out the flower shapes from sheet music and then pinning each flower to a styrofoam ball - cool huh?!

For the reception they had a "drink bar" where you could add all different flavors to your tea or lemonade... it was tons of fun to try flavors out!!! My favorite was strawberry and rasberry in lemonade, thanks Kevin for coming up with that one!


My brother, Eli, made Sarah & Tristan's wedding cake.
It was as delicious and it was beautiful!
I think Tristan was worried about getting cake in his face, haha!

Sarah used a rubber stamp to decorate the cake forks and make them extra special!

My sisters, April & Adina, came all the way from Texas!

O yeah, and here's a shot of Kevin & I

What beautiful memories... I even gave a speech and didn't bomb it, even though I almost passed out just practicing!
Congrats Sarah & Tristan!!!



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