Wednesday, July 13, 2011

chillaxing GC style

GC = Gospel Community. GC's are how our church, Charis Community, does bible studies. We spend time as a group learning together and investing in each others lives. We've made some great friends through our GC and are very thankful for them being in our lives!

We spent Saturday evening hanging out with our GC (and friends) and enjoying the beautiful weather on lake Bloomington. There are lots of pics of children and water sport... note I had/did neither so I was free to take as many pictures as I wanted! How's that for a change?!

Kevin chillaxing (and giving me a funny look for taking his picture)

The boats looked so fun... next time I'm gonna play in the water for sure!

The water was nice and warm for even our littlest GCers to enjoy :)

"O yeah... says who?!"


synchronized diving!

chillaxin defined :)

time for tricks

I love this picture! It totally says "summer fun"

trying to coax out crazy face

more coaxing

there it is... crazy face!!!

best buds

pretty girl

What a fun fun evening!
I have lots more pictures so check out my facebook album (in a day or two - when I get it up) for more fun pics!

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  1. LOVE these pics!!! Can't wait to see the rest on facebook.


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