Thursday, March 13, 2014

paint samples, more like stress samples

I recently discovered the concept of "test pots" of paint.
They are a mistake.
Last week my basement wall looked like this:
I was going crazy. I couldn't make a decision to save my life.
(Partly/Possible due to many other things {stresses} going on in my life, currently)
Anyway, I picked a paint color and it was none of the above.
I picked my color without testing it first because I was so fed up with not loving the colors I was "testing". Maybe I'm not as good a visualizer as I've always thought I was? 
I love the color I finally picked {test free}! So I probably would have loved any/all of these too if I'd just put them up on the wall and quite trying to "sample" them! We still need to do a second coat and this is just a phone pic, but I think you'll get an idea...
The color is "Wood Smoke" by Glidden, but I got it at Sherwin Williams because I'm a fan of their paint quality.
Our basement has come a loooong way... I owe some serious before and after pictures!


  1. That color is perfect!!!! :)

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