Wednesday, January 23, 2013

how about building me a mantle?

"How about building me a mantle/faux fireplace?"
Is a question I've casually asked Kevin off and on over the last couple of years...
and he finally said yes... wait... What?? YES?! YAY!!

(I know this is old news and I posted pictures on facebook, but I wanted to update the blog now that I'm back with some more free photo storage options)

 Here's our wall before

and after
{In all it's Christmas glory}

Kevin used all boards that came in pre-cut sizes  

and he bought a pocket jig, which he loves and now is constantly trying to find new projects to use it on :)

Here we are before the paint  

And after just one weekend of building and a couple of days of paint drying we had a beautiful new mantle all ready to decorate!
(Note: 1 weekend is very fast for any project to be completed in our household. I guess I should mention it took over a month to do the final caulking, but a project completely done after even just 1 month might be a record for the two of us!!)

Pretty details

And did I mention we finished it just in time for Christmas?

And even though Christmas is long over,  here's a gratuitous tree shot
(because all the decorating pretty much matches and that's the first time that has ever happened!)

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