Sunday, October 28, 2012

groovy sweetness

Just wanted to share these fun cookies I made and Kevin helped me decorate!
Aren't they groovy???
We made 6 bright and beautiful icing colors
(thanks to Eric & Casey for the dyes!)
The meringue icing recipe I used (from here) was very easy to make and work with, but it was also very sweet.
I would definately add vanilla or almond flavoring next time to amp it up a bit.
My inspiration & instructions for decorating came from here (same place as the icing recipe)

Yes, it took some time and no, they aren't nearly as groovy smooth as my inspiration pics.
But! They were easy to do... pretty much as easy as coloring, but instead of crayons you are using icing! 

And aren't they just the most groovy sweetness you've ever eaten seen?


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