Wednesday, February 22, 2012

hannah & matt get married

This past weekend, one of my little sisters got married!
The wedding was at the park close to my parents house... we spent a whole lot of time at this park growing up so it was fun to have another great memory made there!

Here's the ceremony set up

Hannah and Dad

So pretty
{close up}

The new Mr. & Mrs. share their first married kiss!

Hannah did her own flowers... they were so pretty!

Family pic

The wedding party

The ladies of the family

Dad & Mom

Kevin & I

April & Mark
{sister & brother}

My sister, Angela, made the cake. It was lemon and the flowers were tissue paper flowers.
It was delicious and beautiful!!! I was so impressed!!!

My sister, Bonnie, was the maid of honor

My sister, Angela (who made the cake), was a bridesmaid

My sister, Marsha, was also a bridesmaid

Sarah's wedding is next... later this summer!

I made all the cookies for the cookie buffet. It was fun and yummy!

What a fun day! Yes, I listed a lot of siblings, maybe I'll have to do a post to introduce them all!


  1. very good pic of angela. she could be a model. everything was very pretty.

  2. These are really amazing photos !!! Also the treats were incredible what a wonderful day !!


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