Sunday, March 27, 2011

New glasses... finally

I finally went to the eye dr this week and got new glasses. I didn't know where to go so i went to Gailey Eye Clinic on Main St. b/c they advertise on the radio all the time. The place was huge! Much bigger on the inside than I expected, but everyone was very nice and my experience would have been good if I hadn't passed out when they put the eye drops in to dialate my eyes. That minor reaction on my part caused them to only dialate the one eye so the rest of the day I went around with a creepy large eye and weird vision :) I probably shouldn't have gone back to work after that... hope those tax returns turned out ok ;) After I got done with the exam part I got to pick out my frames - they all looked so beautiful on me (remember my blurry vision?!). However, the next day when I picked up my new glasses, and put them on, everything did not looks so beautiful... my hair was a mess, my makeup uneven... I think maybe I won't be wearing these new glasses so much after all.

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